Jason Pickard

Calling You Into the Fullness of Being

The more access we have to our wholeness, the more fulfilled and successful we become on all levels.

How can a life be so rich yet feel so empty –– so entangled and involved yet not truly meaningful or satisfying?

These are the kinds of questions that often beset highly successful business professionals. 

Many try a variety of unconventional modalities to more readily connect with their own deepest core –– and with the greater qualities of being that money can’t buy. 

Yet, few have explored such alternative practices and lifestyles with the breadth and depth of Jason Pickard.

Jason has studied and experienced a multitude of cross-cultural pathways to greater health, higher consciousness, and multi-faceted self-expression.

Over the course of many years, he went from sitting with the ‘titans of industry,’ to apprenticing himself to the great Masters of the Heart –– from Eastern, Western and Indigenous traditions. Today, he synthesizes his knowledge and experience of both worlds to provide wisdom for his executive coaching clients that enables them to ‘walk the path of knowledge and awaken the dreamer within.’

In pursuit of his own Self-Actualization, Jason went so far as to live among the San ‘Bushmen’ of Namibia –- the oldest inhabitants of the Kalahari desert in SW Africa. While there for two weeks, he participated in a prolonged ‘persistence hunt’ –– in which prey is tracked and pursued over significant spans of time and space until it succumbs to thirst and exhaustion. 

What Jason recognized through this experience was that the hunters’ skills of persistence, endurance and intuition were precisely what led him to become one of the ’30 top traders under 30’ in the world.  He continues to regularly employ these same skills to explore and to cultivate the largely unknown landscape of his own inner realms.

Through years of dedicated study and practice with his many extraordinary teachers and mentors, Jason has undergone an irreversible, multi-dimensional metamorphosis –– from Wall St. trader to intuitive Life Process Coach, and from being grossly obese with low self-esteem to becoming fit and fulfilled on all levels of being. He has also become a martial artist, a visual artist, and a musician –– as well as a guide to the inner worlds of dreaming. 

Jason knows firsthand that each of us carries within us neglected seeds of our own greatness. As an intuitive Life Process Coach, he assists his clients to enter the realm of the mystic and the mythic by becoming ‘trackers’ of their process, and discovering the ‘inner gold’ that awaits discovery and development. 

Under Jason’s guidance, clients learn to ‘stalk’ the meaningful events in their personal history to recognize how even their most painful moments ultimately served their life trajectory. Once that value is re-cognized, the spell of negative conditioning and reactive behavior is largely broken. It is through such means that Jason assists his clients to rediscover and actualize their latent potential for extraordinary levels of reinvention, self-expression and transcendent contribution –– at this make-or-break moment in the history of humanity.