“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”

Mary Oliver, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet

What would you do and what could you become if there was nothing within your psychology or circumstances that stood in the way of achieving your most ambitious goals and dreams?
Answering this question, first for himself…and then for the clients he serves… is what Jason Pickard has devoted his life to.

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About Jason Pickard

While still under 30, Jason had already fulfilled his boyhood ambition of becoming a highly successful trader on Wall St. Not only was he managing a billion-dollar portfolio, he was also business partner to his idol and mentor, Paul Tudor Jones – one of the world’s most successful and philanthropic traders.

Jason enjoyed the constant demands of his high-pressure, high-power position –– utilizing intellect, intuition, creativity, and a competitive spirit to become a veritable “magician of money” –– manifesting millions through tracking the weather and its impact on global commodity markets.  But with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake every moment, “the job can easily kill you,” he explains.

“I was 26 years old, educated at The University of Virginia, was ranked as one of the top traders under 30 in the world –– but weighed 330 lbs. I didn’t have a clue how to live successfully in my own body so was in a very precarious state of health. The paradox was this: To the degree I was successful in business, to that same degree I was completely unsuccessful in taking care of myself.”

Fortunately, it was on the razor’s edge between life and death that Jason became willing to change his focus and direction. So, after rapidly mastering the world of money, he shifted his focus to becoming a master of his own inner world.

Jason began by altering his working environment –– his desk, his nutrition, and his daily routine –– to support his health and well-being. Ultimately, however, he chose to walk away entirely from this successful pathway to extreme wealth in order to apply his energies and passions toward something more closely aligned with his heart and soul purpose.

It was no longer enough for him to focus only on winning financially.
Jason was now impelled to find ways to access and actualize his greatest capacity for authentic expression –– on every level of existence –– in order to have a more meaningful life and a more positive impact on others.
He risked everything he had to follow a path that leads from consumption to sustainability, from achievement and accomplishment to contribution and nourishment of our innately spiritual nature.

The Principles and Practices Jason Employs Include:

1. Cutting Edge Wall Street Success Secrets
2. State-of-the-Art Psychological Tools
3. Ancient & Contemporary Healing Techniques
4. Physiological and Spiritual Principles
5. Self-Mastery That Leads to Reciprocity
6. Embracing The Dream-Like Nature of Reality

“The more access we have to our wholeness, the more fulfilled and successful we become on all levels.” Jason Pickard

How can a life be so rich yet feel so empty –– so entangled and involved yet not truly meaningful or satisfying?

These are the kinds of questions that often beset highly successful business professionals. Many try a variety of unconventional modalities to more readily connect with their own deepest core –– and with the greater qualities of being that money can’t buy. Yet, few have explored such alternative practices and lifestyles with the breadth and depth of Jason Pickard.

Jason has studied and experienced a multitude of cross-cultural pathways to greater health, higher consciousness, and multi-faceted self-expression. Over the course of many years, he went from sitting with the ‘titans of industry,’ to apprenticing himself to the great Masters of the Heart –– from Eastern, Western and Indigenous traditions.

Today, he synthesizes his knowledge and experience of both worlds to provide wisdom for his executive coaching clients that enables them to ‘walk the path of knowledge and awaken the dreamer within.’

To be a good trader, you have to be a contrarian. You must be willing to break away from the crowd –– not only to be successful in investing but also to individuate in life.

The average person is conditioned to stay small, conform to the group, and be compliant with authority. Thus, people who remain ‘ordinary’ are simply not prepared to succeed.

When you dare to live life with unbridled self expression and courage, you can transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

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